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DISCONTINUED - MAN Sports Clout Thunder Punch - 525 Grams
MAN Sports Clout Thunder Punch
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Package Description: 525 Grams
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (10.5 g)
Number of Servings: 50
Unit Type: Each

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At MAN Sports we believe anything is possible. Within this state of mind, incredible innovations are dreamt and brought to reality. Our newest development has shattered old world beliefs, defying existing barriers and obstacles effortlessly, bringing to the market state of the art strength, stamina and recovery supplementation. This is the end result of the perfected balance of vision, passion, science, innovation and technology. Not only are the ingredients in this supplement completely supported by genuine clinical studies, but this new supplement has also been in the trenches, tested, and tested again by real world athletes.

It Sounds Too Good To Be TrueBut It s Not!

Every single ingredient in CLOUT is scientifically proven to noticeably drive athletic performance and recovery to the next level. Developed by the dedicated team behind the ground breaking High Voltage BodyOctane and fat loss sensation, SCORCH Remix Volume 3?, Vaporize with BIG FISH and MAN Sports Products Inc. proudly introduces, CLOUT . Bar-none the most potent over the counter performance enhancer the world has ever known at effectively increasing strength, stamina, and recovery.

CLOUT has been reformulated to deliver better taste and even better performance over the much vaunted and heralded original formulation. Once again, CLOUT delivers 8 powerful, never-before combined bioactives in scientifically proven doses to create a new and exciting direction in supplementation maximizing human performance, body composition and optimizing the athletic environment. Distinguishing itself from existing run-of-the-mill creatine matrix s, the ingredients in CLOUT are proven by scientific studies to enhance your bodies natural abilities to fight the primary causes of fatigue, enhance recovery, and increase explosive muscular fire power, thereby ushering in the future of muscle augmenting nutrition. By completely redefining the use of creatine MAN Sports welcomes you to the next level!

MAN-UP and SEIZE THE POWER with CLOUT the revolutionary innovative technology that brings you real strength, power, stamina, recovery and growth you can feel.

The Research Backed Ingredients In Clout Work To:

  • Stimulate Explosive Muscular Power and Strength
  • Support ATP Formation and Replenishment
  • Build Lean Muscle Mass
  • Boost Muscle Carnosine
  • Donate Acetyl Groups To Maximize Energy Production
  • Enhances Oxygen Delivery and Uptake
  • Supports Endurance and Recovery
  • Elevate Muscle-buffering Capacity
  • Delay the Signal That Triggers Muscle Loss<
  • Increase Time to Exhaustion
  • Enhance Glycogen Storage and Glucose Uptake
  • Decrease Free Radical Formation

Buyer Beware!

Beware of products that contain gimmicky proprietary blends. Look at the label and see what and how much of each ingredient you are getting and make sure it is in an effective dose. CLOUT contains only proven ingredients in proven[9] does. One look at the label tells you all CLOUT? works BIG-TIME!

Let s Break It Down To The Very Last Compound!

Find out exactly what the 8 never before combined Bioactives in Clout are and what they do:

Bioactives # 1 & 2 Orotine? (TriCreatine-Orotate) & Orotic Acid

What Is It?
Orotine? (Tricreatine orotate) complex is a proprietary 3:1 molar ratio of creatine to Orotic Acid. In Clout its inclusion is at a dose to deliver the exact dose of creatine proven to enhance muscle creatine stores. Orotic Acid (OA) is bond to creatine and also supplied to exactly match orotic acid doses in human studies shown to enhance performance [10]. So why do creatine and OA work so well together? And how do they work in synergy?

How Does It Work?
Declining muscle pH can detrimentally affect muscle function and one possible way to prevent this decline is by enhancing the systems that prevent this fall. Think FIRE-EXTINGUISHER. Two central components of these systems are phosphocreatine and carnosine. True to form Clout? yet again delivers the exact dose of creatine shown to elevate muscle phosphocreatine levels.

Clout also provides the exact level of Orotic Acid shown to work effectively on three levels:

  1. Enhancement of performance. This may have been achieved by a selection of Mechanisms but of most importance is as a precursor for carnosine synthesis. In fact research proves that Orotic Acid is very much a nutrient that can increase muscle carnosine levels [11].
  2. Orotic Acid has been shown to increase muscle Uridine levels. Work by Rosenfeldt et al. (1998) showed under hypoxic (lack of oxygen) conditions (found following anaerobic exercise) elevation of intramuscular Uridine levels increased muscle phosphocreatine and creatine levels 38% and 3%, respectively[12]. Elevated Uridine levels, a RNA base, have been shown to increase muscle contractile capacity.
  3. Lastly, Orotate salts being neutrally charged pass easily through cell membranes [13]. In effect, orotate shuttles the mineral atoms into cells and tissues, producing higher concentrations. Considering the creatine s inherent issues with bioavailability and stability bioavailability, orotic acid is advantageous in resolving those issues. OA thus improves creatine s efficacy and rate of target tissue saturation of phosphocreatine.

That s Not AllOrotic Acid Has Been Proven To:

  1. Enhance and Maintain ATP pools
  2. Increase Glucose Uptake
  3. Increase Ribose Moieties (R-1-P & R-5-P) Leading to Enhanced Ribose Formation
  4. Increased Muscle Carnosine Stores
  5. Support and Enhance Muscle Hypertrophy (via RNA synthesis support during growth)

What Evidence For Performance Effect?

Golf et al. (1998) carried out a human trial using again the exact dose delivered with Clout [10]. The aim of this study was to assess the effects of Magnesium-Orotate on swim, cycling and run performance. Performance was enhanced with supplementation but backing up the influence of orotate rather than magnesium was the measured lower hydrogen ion levels. This is suggestive of enhanced buffering capacity via orotate by elevated muscle carnosine contents.

Therefore, these two ingredients may set off each others functions in many ways. Orotic Acid and creatine both enhance your muscles buffering capacity, literally putting out the fire. As an added bonus orotic acid may help preserve creatine levels during intense hypoxic (lacking oxygen) exercise [12].

Bioactive #3 Beta-Alanine

What Is It?
Beta-alanine is the direct precursor and to date the most effective enhancer of carnosine. This exciting nutrient is making a major impact in the sports nutrition arena thanks to BodyOctane High Voltage and has been proven to be effective in humans for enhancing muscle performance [14]. As previously mentioned, C

Take one serving twice daily. One should be consumed approximately 30 minutes prior to exercise and the other serving should be consumed 4 to 5 hours before or after, depending on what time of day you exercise, with food. Noticeable results are seen in 10 days, and total effects are noticed after 28 days of continuous use. Clout can be combined with BodyOctane and other MAN Sports Products for enhanced athletic performance and body composition.

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