CHRISTOPHERS - Kid-e-Calc Calcium Formula - 2 fl. oz. (59 ml)

Product Description
Dr. Christopher s Kid-e-Calc Extract is a well-balanced vitamin and mineral supplement designed to support a growing organism. The extract contains highly available calcium and chelated forms of the major minerals, trace elements, vitamins, and bioactive substances involved in the assimilation of calcium and normalization of mineral metabolism.

Today, calcium is known as one of the most advertised minerals. Even the smallest child knows that calcium is necessary for our body. There is so much information about calcium that sometimes it may be even somewhat controversial.

Most people know that there are two groups of minerals that are essential to the human body, especially to the young and elderly individuals. One group is composed of macronutrients, the other contains microelements. Minerals from the first group are required by a human body in fairly large quantities. The second group, on the contrary, is needed in small doses. Calcium is in the first group playing a leading role in the metabolism of the human body. It affects many vital processes. First of all, calcium is the basis of bone tissue, hair, teeth, and nails. It plays an important role in reducing heart muscle infarction. That is, the indicators of the heart such as blood pressure, pulse, etc. depend on the amount of calcium in the body. In addition, calcium is actively involved in the central nervous system and influences the process of food assimilation. Based on these facts, it is easy to understand what serious violations our body may have if it lacks calcium. These violations include disorders in the structure of bones and teeth, brittle nails, weight gain, and impaired nerve and heart activity.

Sometimes you may wonder at what age should you worry about a possible lack of calcium in the body? The majority believes that somewhere in the 40s people suffer from osteoporosis, that is, a disease associated by many with a deficit of calcium. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with age. Even infants may have calcium deficiency primarily due to the fact that during pregnancy their mothers took an insufficient amount of calcium. Calcium deficiency can develop at any age, due to poor nutrition and the lack of this mineral in a diet.

It is often mentioned that mostly women of older age (when the level of female sex hormone - estrogen - declines) have an accelerated leaching of calcium from bones, which results in osteoporosis. However, this disease can be often found in young children. As a rule, it turns out that disorders in posture may eventually lead to scoliosis. Any child with postural disorders will experience a lack of calcium in the body.

Dr. Christopher s Kid-e-Calc Extract helps to support the physiological functions of bone tissues, while preventing the formation of calcifications (calcium deposits) in blood vessels, kidneys, and inflammatory processes in soft and cartilaginous tissues (joints, intervertebral discs, etc).
Being a rich source of biologically available silicon, horsetail (one of the main active ingredients in the formula) increases calcium absorption and maintains a normal skin condition. Silicon is necessary for the formation of connective tissues. It strengthens hair, nails, bones as well as speeds up growth of a young organism.

The historical uses of Kid-e-Calc Extract include the treatment and prevention of avitaminosis and the lack of essential macro-and micronutrients, especially calcium. It is usually prescribed for the prevention of calcium deficiency states as well as high physical and psycho-emotional stress. The extract is also known to support the cardiovascular, immune, and musculoskeletal systems.

Package Description: 2 fl. oz. (59 ml)

Serving Size: 5 Drops

Number of Servings: 228

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 5 Drops
Servings per container: 228
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Ingredients: Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
 /></inline></td>        </tr>        <tr>            <td width= Proprietary Blend:
Apple Cider Vinegar, Horsetail Grass, Oat Straw, & Lobelia.

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* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
** Daily Value not established.
 /></inline></td>        </tr>    </tbody></table><p><inline style=Other ingredients: A base of pure vegetable glycerine and natural flavoring.
Shake well. Take 5-10 drops 3 times a day.
Store in a cool‚ dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

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