Lucas Products Corp - Super Sunnies Eyeshields - 12 Glasses

Product Description
The Original Tanning Glasses, Red, Navy, Yellow, White
SUPER SUNNIES � Eyeshields in Basic, Neon, and the iGear Style.

Protection Plus Vision
Because your eyes are worth protecting
Super Sunnies set the standard for safety
Meets Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR 1040.20.
For indoor/outdoor use.

Package Description: 12 Glasses

Serving Size: 

Number of Servings: 

1) Untie elastic and push ends through openings provided on each Super Sunnies Eyeshields eye cup, working from back to front.
2) Tie a double knot at each end of elastic.
3) Adjust for head size and proper fit and tie another double know to shorten the elastic. If needed. Cut off excess elastic.
4) Never use a Super Sunnies Eyeshield that is broken, cracked or missing a lens, due to eye safety hazard of sunlamp products. Replace.
Super Sunnies are safe for use with sunlamps and medical UV light treatment devices PROVIDED THAT SUCH DEVICES ARE USED IN STRICK ACCORDANCE WITH ORGINAL MANUFACTURER'S DIRECTIONS. Super Sunnies Eyeshields are in full compliance with U.S. Federal Law 21 CFR 1040.20, PERFORMANCE STANDARDS FOR SUNLAMP PRODUCTS. Proper fit of the Super Super Sunnies Eyeshied is necessary for the safety of the sunlamp user. Adjust product by bending nose bidge or shortening elastic so that no light leaks around the edge of the Super Super Sunnies Eyeshield where it meets your face. Never Use a Sunlamp Without Eye Protection.

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