AQUATIC CREATIONS - Orange Bacopa Plant - 15 Inches

Product Description
Invigorate aquarium décor with vibrantly-colored artificial plants.
Planted Whimsy Orange Bacopa Plant takes the popular aquatic plant Bacopa and boosts excitement with vivid coloration. Perfect for creative aquarium landscape designs, this colorful artificial plant instantly transforms a tired-looking aquarium into an eye-catching show piece. Faux pebble base boasts long-lasting nontoxic resin construction for "drift-free" placement.
Planted Whimsy Orange Bacopa Plant requires very little maintenance, just rinse under warm running water before installation. Use multiple plants of different sizes for a stylish, energetic grouping sure to impress family and friends.

Package Description: 15 Inches

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

Ingredients: Made of safe, non-toxic materials.

Height: 15"
Length: 4"
Width: 4"
To Install: Remove packaging and rinse plant in warm water. Place plant in the aquarium, sinking the base of the plant into the gravel.

Planting Tip: To create visual depth in the aquarium, place taller plants in the back of the tank and shorter plants in the front. Mix styles and colors of plants to create an aquarium unlike any other.
To Clean: Transfer plants from aquarium to a clean container, dry overnight and remove any algae or deposits with a soft bristled brush. Never use soap or detergent when cleaning these plants.

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