E-CLOTH - Dust Mop Head - 5.25" x 17.5"

Product Description
More Effective Floor Cleaning With Less Effort
    e-cloth fiber technology penetrates and removes dirt and dust from floors, walls, and ceilings
  • Use on all floor surfaces including vinyl laminate, stone, ceramic, tile, hardwood, linoleum and concrete.
  • Quicker and easier than a vacuum
  • Has exceptional static properties that attract dust and pet hair with ease
  • Guaranteed for 300 machine washings
  • Mop head measures 5.25"x17.5"
Where to Use: All Floor Cleaning – vinyl, laminate, stone, ceramic, tile, hardwood, linoleum, concrete, Wall Cleaning, Ceiling Cleaning
A Deep Clean Mop with a Dust Mop Head makes floor cleaning easier

Package Description: 5.25" x 17.5"

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

Ingredients or Materials: 80% Polyester / 20% PolyamideGuaranteed for 300 machine washingsMop head measures 5.25" x 17.5"
Use before Damp Mop Head to remove loose dust and dirt. Place the dry Dust Mop Head velcro side up on the floor and attach the mop base to the center of the mop head.
To quickly and easily remove dust and pet hair, brush the mop head with a stiff brush (i.e. a clothing brush) and any trapped particles clean right out.
A warm rinse is often enough for day-to-day use.
To ensure your e-cloths perform at their best, we recommend machine washing. With certain new washing powders, you can was as low as 85 degrees F, however for best results with normal detergents, wash at 140 degrees F. For a full clean or if the cloth loses performance, it may be washed at 200 degrees, or boiled in a saucepan.
Use only a small amount of detergent and rinse well. Tumble or hang dry.
DO NOT use bleach or fabric softener. Bleach breaks down the fibers and fabric softeners will block the fibers. If fabric softener is used by mistake, rewash with a little detergent.

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