Earth Therapeutics - Large Tiger Nylon Hair Brush - 1 unit

Product Description
EARTH THERAPEUTICS LACQUER PEN Minimizes Static LARGE CUSHION BRUSH TRUE TO LIFE Constructed of the finest quality wood with pin bristles set in a soft pneumatic air cushion base, this hair brush is ideal for detangling, smoothing, and grooming all types of medium to very long hair. The bristles are also tipped with round, molded balls to help prevent breakage and split ends. 
Regular brushing will set hair to its naturally soft, lustrous sheen-healthier, more manageable, easier to style. Earth Therapeutics brings professional grade grooming to your fingertips. cruelty-free no animal testing save recycle salon Good for the Earth style ECOLOGY Good for you look good feel good              

Package Description: 1 unit

Serving Size: ...

Number of Servings: ...

quality wood and pin bristles
Use as you would any other fine brush.

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