GLAD RAGS - The Moon Menstrual Cup Size B - 1 Cup

Product Description
Brought to you by the manufacturer of the popular Keeper Menstrual Cup, The Moon Cup provides comfortable internal protection for women with latex sensitivities.

The Moon Cup Size A is designed for women who have given birth vaginally, while the Moon Cup Size B is meant for women who have NOT given birth vaginally.

The Moon Cup Menstrual Cup provides you with the same benefits as The Keeper, but is made of soft, non-latex, medical grade silicone. Introduced in 2006, The Moon Cup is innovative, economical, comfortable, and environment-friendly. This soft, silicone menstrual cup collects the flow rather than absorbing it, so the vaginal tissues aren't dried out as they can be with disposable tampons. The Moon Cup holds up to an ounce of fluid and should be emptied several times a day; simply rinse and reinsert. Detailed instructions come with your order. The Moon Cup can last up to ten years, saving you over $800 in disposable products!
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Package Description: 1 Cup

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

Ingredients or Materials: The Moon Cup, a new silicone option, is made by the manufacturer of the popular Keeper Menstrual Cup.

Detailed instructions, plus a cotton carry bag, are included in the box.
To use the Moon Cup, simply fold it twice and insert. Empty and reinsert as often as you would change a tampon.
The Keeper menstrual cup is not recommended for those with latex allergies.

This Product Contains Natural Rubber Latex which may cause allergic reactions.

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