Marineland - Led Bubble Ring - 4" Diameter

Product Description

The newest additions to the successful Marineland LED Bubble Wand family feature auto color changing LEDs. Watch the LEDs cycle through hundreds of colors, providing a stunning glow, as the bubbles rise up through the water.

Each of the LED Bubble Wands and Rings feature: 

  • Built in air stone creates a curtain of air bubbles for improved oxygenation  
  • Low voltage UL listed adapter has low energy consumption 
  • The LED light makes a great night light 
  • Use in freshwater or marine aquariums 
  • 10 ft long power cord 
  • On/Off Switch for the LEDs  

 20” LED Bubble Wand with Auto Color Changing LEDs 

  •  Great for 24” and larger aquariums; use 2 in a 48” long aquarium. 
  • The 16 LED’s create a unique and striking light effect in any aquarium 
  •  Includes 4 repositionable suction cups for secure installation to the bottom or back of an aquarium 

LED Bubble Ring with Auto Color Changing LEDs 

  • The LED Bubble Ring with 6 LEDs is great for smaller aquariums, or for highlighting a specific area in a larger aquarium 
  • Use gravel to anchor the LED Bubble Ring on the bottom of the aquarium. 
  • Add the Crystal Décor or a plant for added interest 

LED Bubble Ring Crystal Décor 

  • Use the Crystal Décor to enhance and add interest to the LED Bubble Ring 
  • The shape of the Crystal Décor captures the colors from the LEDs, giving a more concentrated element of color   
  • The oxygenation bubbles rise up around the Crystal Décor  
  • Securely snaps onto the LED Bubble Ring

Package Description: 4" Diameter

Serving Size: ..

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