SCHINOUSSA - Yacon Syrup - 130 ml

Product Description
Yacon has a high water and a high fibre content, so it is filling without having a lot of calories. It is also high in antioxidants. Yacon contains a significant amount of inuilin, a type of sugar that your body can't digest. This helps keep the overall caloric content of the Yacon low while having a delicious sweet taste.

When Yacon juice is made in to Yacon Syrup, it becomes a low-calorie, high-nutrient, alternative sweetener. It is also recommended as part of a healthy weight loss program.

Package Description: 130 ml

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

Ingredients: 100% Yacon.

Use one spoonful of Yacon Syrup any way you would normally use honey, maple syrup or molasses. The light fruit sugar imports a fruity honey-like flavor to most foods or baked goods. Use in place of honey for cooking, as a topping over yogurt, cereal or to sweeten juices and smoothies.

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